Fusion of elegance, luxury & style.

We invite you to discover the pinnacle of luxury, quality and discretion. Transfers, accommodation, leisure, shopping, events or preferential treatments. Offering you unlimited possibilities and fulfilling all your wishes.

It's an experience you will never forget. You deserve to be treated as celebrity. Or at least as royalty. Let us help you enjoy. Welcome to Split VIP Agency - services with concierge.

Our Experience

Friendly and discrete staff with extensive experience in holiday/concierge services.

Our Mission

Providing services for luxury holidays in reliable, responsible and discreet way. And of the highest quality.

Our Goal

Our goal is to identify your desires and fulfill your wishes for luxury and exclusive holiday activities.

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We always pay attention to the finest details

Big picture is important. But small details makes a difference between good and the great.

Rested mind is a healthy mind

The beauty comes from the inside. Enjoy in perfect getaway from everyday worries and the accumulated stress.

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The possibilities are endless

What should you choose? Well, you can't go wrong with Split VIP Agency. Even biggest journey starts with the first step.